Thursday, January 21, 2010


IAN: There is a little-known and oft-unrecognized diaspora in the twenty-first century First World.  That's right, I'm talking Huguenots.  French fucking Protestants, the cream of the sixteenth century Calvanist crop.  These people were like minor league Lutherans, and as such they were utterly stomped on by the French Catholic Church.  So, they split from their native land, and re-settled in a number of different places, including Holland (where they steadfastly opposed the Spanish Inquisition) and Charlestown, South Carolina (home of America's most difficult candy bar, Charlestown Chew).  If they've come that far, why not continue further west?  Huguenots, I welcome you with open arms! 

LAUREN: Ian put Huguenots on the list, I am totally opposed to this.  There is a tap shoe store there is NOT a Huguenots store (selling people is very illegal) therefore I do not think it should go on the list.  Ian says that we don't have to buy a Huguenot we could just make friends with someone who is one he also said "Look some of them live in New York that isn't that far away. . . oh wait there are some in Charleston I think we should get a Charleston I want a Charleston Huguenot" DUDE WHO DOES THIS?!!

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